Jan Clifton

Up until December 2019 I had been working in a high corporate position in Sydney's CBD. In my spare time I studied fashion styling and design as it was always something I had been interested in. FIGGY started with market stalls at Richmond, Castle Hill, Glenorie and Dural markets at weekends as I continued to work full time in the CBD. From these markets I was able to judge whether the designs I had formed in my head would work. It also gave me the change to listen to what women wanted and couldn't find easily. Once I had collected this information I knew I was doing the right thing and moved quickly. I left my corporate job and followed my dream of helping women with styling and body confidence. I wanted a shop where women feel comfortable and at ease while trying on clothes. After months of searching I finally found the perfect place in the main street of Richmond NSW. I opened the doors of FIGGY Boutique in February 2020 but after only being open for a week I had to close down for three months due to the Covid pandemic. In my first two years since opening there have been fires, floods, Covid, more floods and more shutdowns due to Covid. However, I am still going thanks to having a good support circle around me including my husband, family, friends and of course my customers. 

In the middle of 2021 I decided to go one step further and designed my own range of women's clothing under the name FIGGY The Label and in June 2022 FIGGY The Label’s new ‘resort style’ men’s wear range will also be available. Both the men’s and women’s ranges are made from deadstock (recycled) materials which are ethically sourced. 

FIGGY THE LABEL is designed in the Hawkesbury region of Sydney, Australia and handmade in Vietnam by our very own team of ladies. We use recycled natural materials and we are geared towards zero waste. FIGGY The Label is an ethical, sustainable and transparent brand.

FIGGY BOUTIQUE stocks clothing, jewellery and accessories.

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