hunter travel candle
hunter travel candle
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hunter travel candle


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    ADDISON - Soft florals, coupled with fresh cucumber, Addison is soothing and calming. To begin, you will experience the crisp cucumber, balanced by cooling sage, then lulled into a state of ease by herbal and relaxing lavender.

    ANGUS - This scent is warm, manly, and rich in scent. It is by far our most masculine. Envelop yourself in this sexy, and woodsy blend. Intriguing oak moss layers, Angus has you feeling like walking on a wet forest floor. Coupled with lux ambers and soft cedars this blend is best described as natural, handsome.

    AUSTRALIA - fresh + natural + green. Inspired by our alluring country, and its natural surroundings.
    A coastal walk through the Australian bush...Quintessentially AUSTRALIA. Home. This scent is one not to miss. So easy to burn, clean smelling. Sometimes, you will swear you’re sitting on a rock in the middle of the bush, you’ll instantly be at ease.

    JAMES - zingy + citrus + soft smokey spices. James is the foodies candle. An intelligent and tasty mix of zingy yuzu, and smoking woodfire. Imagine you’re in our coastal bush, you’ve lit your fire to cook the fish you’ve freshly caught in the Australian ocean. Once crisp, you drip fresh yuzu onto the wild skin. This candle encapsulates that wild, smokey, yet fresh feel. 

    MAY LANE - mysterious + masculine + industrial + earthy. This scent is inspired by the rain that tumbled down our walls, the spray paint artists constantly creating visuals on the walls outside our space, the earth busting through the road and the intriguing concrete scent. We blended oudh, cedar wood and moss to emulate the rustic, and exposed interior of our of space, we then added fir needle to represent the earth and nature in the pavement, and then patchouli for the musky earthy feel that is, May Lane. May Lane is sexy, intriguing, deep, opulent, masculine, and woody.

    MATILDA - complex + juicy + spicy, yet earthy. Bold, and robust, Kakadu plum sings through. Bitter, yet juicy. Coupled with a fresh, and herbaceous bush cucumber Matilda will fill your space loudly. Spices sing through, along with musky notes. We recommend Matilda in living spaces, a conversation starter. MATILDA celebrates our native fruits.

    MORGAN - woody + sauna like + steamy + lux. This scent is the scent of the season… a steamy wood blend that makes you feel like you’re sitting on a wooden log, under the hot sun after a dip in the ocean. MORGAN is sexy, and for wood lovers. You can enjoy MORGAN all year round as she’s light, yet weighted. We adore this scent, and know, you will develop a crush also.

    DEBORAH - velvety + soft floral + citrus + woods. Sophisticated, and elegant. Deborah is a classic velvety blend of fig leaf, figs, white lily, and sandalwood. Beautiful for all seasons, and occasions. With a perfume of elegant florals, and a base of light woods, you will feel as if you’re laying under a giant old fig tree indulging in wine.

    CAVE - fresh + crisp + calming + clean. When describing CAVE, we liken the scent to a cool shower in the blue mountains. Surrounded by earth. Somewhat after the rain has fell. Burn CAVE while mediating, reading your favourite book, or during your morning yoga routine. This deep and cool scent is more than a peppermint and eucalyptus blend. It’s fresh, yet woody and earthy. Layers of pine, and cedar, this well rounded scent is best burnt when you’re wanting complete zen.

    JESSICA - soft white floral + bright + playful + nectar. Jessica is subtle, soft, and quite pleasantly pretty. A bouquet of white florals, and peach nectar this blend is youthful. It joyous. The perfect summer blend to lighten, and brighten up you, and your space.

    MABEL ROSE - floral + summery + fruity. Delicate sweetness and rosy notes from the lychee will make you smile. The peony petals soften the lychee and add a beautiful peaceful bouquet. Mabel Rose is playful and will fill your space with dancing sun-kissed jasmines, raspberries, and rosewood.